What’s in a name?

Thanks for asking! My parents are seriously cool and named me Slinger Remy Lokien Jansen. Slinger is the little monkey in a 70’s ‘poppenkast’ show, Remy is the little kid from ‘Sans Famille’ by Hector Malot, and Lokien is a character from a trilogy by Sybren Polet about a guy who constantly changes shape and name (always anagrams, such as Loki, Kilo, etc). Much like a chameleon.

Finally, to make matters worse, I was named Jansen after my mother. This name is supercommon, however, and I am the last male Roijackers of direct descent from my grandfather, so in 2008 I have decided to change it. As of June 2008 I will therefore be known as Slinger Remy Lokien Roijackers.

As a scientist I will probably keep using Slinger Jansen, however, since that is easier for non-Dutch speakers (and also the name on my Doctorate degree and PhD thesis)..

The timeline is now definite:

Age 23: My dad acknowledges me (finally, the lazy person!)
Age 27: About to get married, requesting the queen for a name change
Age 28 (a week before I got married): Name change granted
Age 35: I got divorced but am proud of the Roijackers name, as are my two daughters.
Age 42: I became proud father of a son, with Veerle Devreese. He now carries the Devreese name.

I am now known as Slinger Remy Lokien Roijackers (prev. Jansen)

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