Tool Support

Position: PhD student position ‘Tool Support for Ecosystem Modeling and Simulation’
Application deadline: Jan 1st, 2014

Utrecht University invests in educating tomorrow’s leaders, delivering high-quality innovative programmes that have high completion rates. The University nurtures academic talent and stimulates excellence, investing in researchers that can make a difference and create value for society. Top-rated programmes and top-rated research guarantee a society’s vitality and well-being.

URICS is the research institute of the Department of Information and Computing Sciences. The goal of our research is to push the frontiers of knowledge and capabilities in science and application areas by developing concepts, theories, algorithms and software methods that will lead or contribute to innovative and feasible information technologies.

The research will take place in the department of Software Systems. Matching the modernization of the software industry towards rapid outsourced development of multi-tenant products and services, the main theme of the Organization and Information group is Large-scale Software Production. We focus on the one hand on product architectures and software ecosystems, and in the second research line on knowledge analysis and discovery.

We aim at high quality foundational research with a keen eye for application.  The interaction between foundational research and applications fosters highly scientifically and societal relevant results. On the one hand, applications are based on solid foundations,  on the other hand, judiciously chosen applications inspire deep foundational problems.

Job/Project description
Software ecosystems are sets of actors functioning as a unit and interacting with a shared market for software and services, together with the relationships among them. These relationships are frequently underpinned by a common technological platform or market and operate through the exchange of information, resources and artifacts.

The domain of software ecosystems has experienced rapid growth over the last five years. Increasingly, academics and  industry are interested in the development and growth of these ecosystems, with the aim of finding methods and tools to stimulate liveliness and growth in them. Currently, we are solving several challenges, such as the development of a standardized language for software ecosystem reporting, and the development of a set of architectural patterns that are used to grow a software ecosystem.

we are looking for a student to turn the software ecosystem modelling language into a modeling tool. With the tool, it should be possible to answer the following research questions:

  1. Can software ecosystems development be visualized in an attractive manner, taking into account time?
  2. How do software ecosystems, with a provided set of data, evolve over time? What evolution and migration patterns can be distinguished?
  3. How does the opening of a new platform interface influence the way in which an ecosystem grows and develops?

We are looking for qualified candidates with a master’s degree in computer science. Experienced lecturers with a bachelor’s degree will also be considered. Please note the funding for this project must be arranged with the Indonesian government. We are therefore looking for candidates who are Indonesian citizens. Furthermore, we require the candidate to have sufficient academic writing experience in English. Programming experience is also required.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Slinger Jansen
Phone: +31 (30) 253 1807

For more information on the research group involved, please refer to:

Applicants are requested to write a letter in which they describe their abilities and motivation, accompanied by a curriculum vitae and one or two references. Applications should preferably be sent before Jan 1st 2014 to:

Is is also possible to apply by snail mail:
Utrecht University
Faculty of Sciences
Attn. Dr. S. Jansen
Princetonplein 5, De Uithof
3584 CC Utrecht, The Netherlands

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