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[14-10-2016] I am now the head of the Software Ecosystems Lab at Utrecht University. Come visit us!

[14-10-2016] The AMUSE project is in full swing. Expect news soon.

[20-06-2016] Organizing BENEVOL 2016 on December 7th and 8th.

[31-03-2016] On the 13th of April Ravi Khadka defends his PhD in Utrecht. Drop me a message if you want to be invited. We’re also organizing a seminar.

[10-08-2015] We have a job posting in the AMUSE project.

[17-03-2015] The Int’l Workshop on Software Ecosystems will be co-located with ECSA 2015 this year in Dubrovnik.

[15-03-2015] Two of my papers are accepted for the International Conference on Software Business in Braga, Portugal. Take a look at the publications page for more info.

[01-03-2015] Together with a group at the Free University Amsterdam were awarded with a 1,1 million euro grant for the research into cloud deployment. Want to know more about the project? Several graduation projects can be found here.

[01-11-2014] In a period of four weeks, we were awarded the best Information Sciences program in both the Bachelor and Masters  in the Netherlands. My colleagues and I have been working our asses off over the last 10 years and this feels like a real reward.

[26-5-2014] I was used and abused for this movie:

[12-3-2014] Joao Fernandes will be joining our research group for a visit! Contact me if you would like to visit some of his guest lectures.

[10-3-2014] Three papers accepted at the Int’l Conf on Software Business and one at Patterns 2014. Excellent little week!

[23-01-2014] ICSE paper accept: How Do Professionals Perceive Legacy Systems and Software Modernization? with the ServiciFi team and Belfrit, a master student.

[05-12-2013] Carina Alves joins our research group!

[11-11-2013] Journal paper accept for the paper Measuring the Health of Open Source Software Ecosystems: Moving Beyond the Project Scope Accepted for publication (working copy)

[9-9-2013] We have won another best paper award for this paper: Kabbedijk, J., Salfischberger, T., and Jansen, S. (2013) Dynamically Adding Functionality to an Online Software Product: A Comparison of two Architectural Patterns. Patterns 2013 (pdf)

[15-6-2013] I have a paper accepted at the International Workshop on Software Ecosystem Architectures in St. Petersburg. See the publications page for more info.

[12-6-2013] Ruvar Spauwen and myself received a best paper award at the International Workshop on Software Ecosystems 2013.

[6-6-2013] Three papers accepted at the DEST conference, thanks to the work of my brilliant students Joey van Angeren, Vincent Blijleven, Rick Hoving, and Gabriel Slot. See the publications page for more info.

[22-5-2013] Edward Elgar Blog post about the software ecosystems book! Loving the media circus.

[22-5-2013] The Science Slam! YouTube is now online. It’s… Awesome.

[3-5-2013] I now have my own Author Page at So cool.

[1-5-2013] The book on Software Ecosystems is now available through Edward Elgar.

[25-4-2013] I have two papers at the International Workshop on Software Ecosystems. See the publications page for more information.

[11-04-2013] The book on software ecosystems is now available for pre-order.

[17-01-2013] Our book on start-ups will be presented at the National Productsoftware Jaarcongres.

[03-12-2012] Our book on start-ups can now be ordered on van Cann, R., Brinkkemper, S., & Jansen, S. Start-up Memories: Key Decisions in Success Stories. In press, 250 pages. (

[20-11-2012] The course on software ecosystems has started again. Like a fish in the water!

[01-11-2012] The Netherware prizes have been awarded!

[25-06-2012] I have been invited to write a paper for the VARSA 2012 workshop at WICSA 2012. Please find the paper under publications.

[18-06-2012] Great day at the Int’l Workshop on Software Ecosystems today. Discussion here:… and pictures here:

[27-04-2012] It’s raining good news! My excellent Msc student Tommy van de Zande has received the opportunity to go to the LERU Bright Conference.

[24-04-2012] Wonderful, our student Joey van Angeren has received a Google Scholarship. Congratulations Joey!

[17-04-2012] Yes! Our book entitled “Startup Memories: Key Decisions in Success Stories” has been accepted for publication! More news later on the publication page.

[20-02-2012] Yes! Finally! My book entitled “Collaboration in Outsourcing” is out! Please find more details on

[14-02-2012] I have created a paper proposal template for PhD students, so I can quickly see the how and why of a paper and approve or reject a paper proposal. You can add your own comments if you wish.

[9-02-2012] I was on the Jury for the SIFE Entrepreneurship Awards yesterday. I love being on juries, especially when one of my own teams called Spotmeister wins the audience award!

[18-01-2012] I was interviewed for a German Forum called IT-Radar about Software Ecosystems! Read all about it and listen to it here (in parts, so a new part is released every week).

[05-01-2012] Today I have announced the first Beta Entrepreneurship Coffee at Utrecht University. If you want to come, please subscribe to the form here.

[05-01-2012] Today Eko Handoyo is starting his PhD program at Utrecht University under my supervision. We will be working on software engineering, and most probably software operation knowledge. I am looking forward to working with him!

[05-12-2011] Finally, after 18 months, our submission to the Journal of Systems and Software has been accepted. The article is entitled “Shades of Grey: Opening up a Software Producing Organization with the Open Software Enterprise Model” and can be downloaded here.

[11-10-2011] Announcement: please attend the Software Operation Knowledge Symposium on the 17th of November. Speakers are Arie van DeursenPaul Gruenbacher, and Marko van Eekelen. All in preparation to the thesis defense of Henk van der Schuur.

[23-9-2011] I just received news that I have four papers and a poster accepted for presentation at the ACM MEDES 2011 conference on Digital Ecosystems. More details can be found on my publications page.

[20-9-2011] The manuscript of Henk van der Schuur, my first PhD student, has been approved by the reading committee. He will defend his thesis publicly on the 17th of November. My, they grow up fast!

[7-9-2011] Today our course on ICT-Entrepreneurship starts again! It’s so great to see my favorite students start their own enterprises again. Please keep your eyes on if you want to see what they’re up to.

[10-8-2011] The paper of my PhD student Henk van der Schuur was accepted for the Mensura conference. The paper is entitled “Sending Out a Software Operation Summary: Leveraging Software Operation Knowledge for Prioritization of Maintenance Tasks”. We can now complete his PhD thesis!

[3-8-2011] Our book proposal to Palgrave in their outsourcing series has been accepted! Now we’re figuring out all the copyrights and rules, publication time will be around the first of January 2012, I think.

[14-06-2011] What a weekend! Amazing, two paper accepts and a wonderful afterglow from IWSECO and ICSOB. My paper with Ravi Khadka about the ServiciFication method has been accepted for publication in the ICSM 2011 proceedings, which means I’ll be back with ICSM after 3 years of not submitting (sorry!). A wonderful achievement for the ServiciFi project team. Also, the paper of Jaap Kabbedijk that describes several multi-tenant patterns for variability has been accepted for presentation at the Variability@ER workshop.

[04-06-2011] I will be at ICSOB this week. On Tuesday I am running theIWSECO workshop and I will be presenting my work on ending the life of a software product (pdf). Also, my PhD student Jaap Kabbedijk will report on the Ruby ecosystem (pdf) and my Master students Joost te Molder and Joey van Angeren will be presenting at IWSECO.

[23-5-2011] The paper of my PhD student Ravi Khadka entitled “WSCDL to WSBPEL: A Case Study of ATL-based Transformation” (pdf) has been accepted to the MtATL workshop.

[20-5-2011] I won a prize on the BNR Autoshow (non-scientific, I’m afraid). Listen to the mp3 fragment here.

[18-05-2011] The paper entitled “An Evaluation of Service Frameworks for the Management of Service Ecosystems” written by Ravi Khadka and the rest of the ServiciFi team was accepted for publication and presentation at the Pacific-Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2011).

[14-05-2011] My PhD student Henk van der Schuur made the cover of the Automatisering Gids. Link.

[10-05-2011] A movie was made about my PhD research (Deliver project) by NWO.  Link.

[01-02-2011] The work of Tommy van de Zande about SaaS continuity has been published in the Automatisering Gids. For the full report, click here.

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