I have created a paper proposal template, so I can quickly see the how and why of a paper and approve or reject a paper proposal. You can add your own comments if you wish.

This is the list of PhDs I currently advise

  1. Ravi Khadka – Servicification of Legacy Systems

Students who have graduated

  1. Henk van der Schuur – Software Operation Knowledge [thesis]
  2. Jaap Kabbedijk – Multi-tenancy and Configurability of Web Information Systems [thesis]

Reading Committees

I have been on the reading committee of several PhD students:

  1. Konstantinos Manikas, Copenhagen University, Denmark – Analyzing, Modelling, and Designing Software Ecosystems Towards the Danish Telemedicine Software Ecosystem (2015)
  2. Tiago Espinha, Delft University, the Netherlands – Web Service Growing Pains: Understanding Services and Their Clients (2015)
  3. Sami Hyrynsalmi, Turku University, Finland – Letters from the War of Ecosystems — An Analysis of Independent Software Vendors in Mobile Application Marketplaces (2014)
  4. George Valenca, Recife University Pernambuco, Brazil – Towards a Model of Power in Software Ecosystems formed by Small-to-Medium Enterprises  – (2015)

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