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January 17, 2012

News Feed

  • [25-06-2012] I have been invited to write a paper for the VARSA 2012 workshop at WICSA 2012. Please find the paper under publications.
  • [18-06-2012] Great day at the Int’l Workshop on Software Ecosystems today. Discussion here:… and pictures here:
  • [27-04-2012] It’s raining good news! My excellent Msc student Tommy van de Zande has received the opportunity to go to the LERU Bright Conference.
  • [24-04-2012] Wonderful, our student Joey van Angeren has received a Google Scholarship. Congratulations Joey!
  • [17-04-2012] Yes! Our book entitled “Startup Memories: Key Decisions in Success Stories” has been accepted for publication! More news later on the publication page.
About me and my research

picslingerMy research (my publications) is directed at strategies of software companies to obtain and retain customers. At present I am exploring two things:

1) The possibilities for a feedback management framework that supports the lifecycle of a component and manages relationships between the component and its environment.

2) The possibilities offered by software ecosystems.

My PhD research was directed at integrating and centrally storing knowledge about software to ease software release and delivery. The areas I am researching are software configuration management, component technologies, feature description languages, client server architectures and product data management.Please see the Pheme page for more information.

Quick Bio: Slinger Jansen is an assistant professor at the Department of Information and Computer Science at Utrecht University. His research focuses on software product management and software ecosystems, with a strong entrepreneurial component. Jansen received his PhD in computer science from Utrecht University, based on the work entitled “Customer Configuration Updating in a Software Supply Network”.

I can be contacted through:

Slinger Jansen (Roijackers)
Utrecht University
PO Box 80.089
3508TB Utrecht
The Netherlands

0031 6 19 884 880

Please check out a recent movie about the Jacquard Deliver Project in which I participated: